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everyone knows

so what, everyone knows, might as confess to myself...


                                             you're an idiot


thankyou. now fuck off.

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Yeah, I was browsing through journal's and I came to yours! I think maybe you can help me! Hopefully that is... Here's the story...Well, I care deeply about this one guy and we have messed around and everthing! He always tells me how beautiful I am and shit! The down fall is that he has a girlfriend like miles and miles away long distance! As of now he is depressed and lonely, believe it is b/c of his girlfriend! He misses her and everything! I think he needs a good cry and I am there for him, but lately he seems really distant! Wut shall I do??? Thank you! Come visit my journal! <3 -Anna-
just grab him by the fucking shoulders and say...
"PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER YOU CUNT"...or maybe that might offend him so say it in a nice way without saying cunt...
u know, that just might work!! Thanks!
how dare you.
just IMAGINE how is girlfriend might feel.
while shes sitting at home wishing she could be with him...and hes out fooling aroudn with another girl(you)
be quiet you don't know what the situation might be. you shit stinks doesn't it? climb down off your high horse "anonymous- a pussy who can't express their opinion with a name-".
I absolutely HATE when people post anonymous..
yeah i hate anonymous entries as well - especially when they use awful grammer. 'just IMAGINE how "is" girlfriend might feel' is? is that some kind of slang? or just a typo?

It's just plain old stupidity


November 13 2005, 20:01:56 UTC 11 years ago

With all due respect...

The anonymous poster's typo is not an example of awful grammar.

Which, by the way, is spelled GRAMMAR.

~another anonymous poster