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First Secret

Today I met the man who started the website www.postsecrets.com and he opened up to me the catharsis of revealing the things we are all afraid of letting other people know. I will mail into him a postcard, or several... who knows. But he inspired me to do this.

Often I am in a postion where others look up to me. I am a mentor, teacher, therapist, clergy, the friend everyone cries to, or on... and rarely can I do that with others. Rarely can I let my guard down because of the spotlight I feel I am in. So here will be the place I will say the things I am afraid to say. Here will be the place I can lay down thoughts and processes, much like the Pensive in Harry Potter.

My first secret is that I am afraid that if I "lost it" in front of my spirtual community that they would eat me alive.


Secret Mary
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